Day 1: Leaving Glasgow, woohoo!

The Changing Oceans Expedition is underway! At 6pm, the RRS James Cook cast off from Govan, and headed west along the River Clyde. In 20 hours’ time we will arrive at Mingulay and the science will start!

This was a very exciting moment for scientists and crew, who have been eagerly waiting for the view alongside the ship to change - especially those in the lower cabins that have had a brick wall to look at through their portholes for the past few days. The skies were grey as we left Govan, but the rain didn't stop most of the scientists gathering on the deck at the bow to watch us cast off. The gangplank was removed, the tethers were drawn in and we were off. Some friendly Glaswegians waved us off as we headed under the Erskine Bridge, including a local teacher who hopes to feature us in the school mural! 

The weather outlook is good, so we're all hoping for brilliant Scottish sunshine tomorrow for our first day of science.
Securing the gangplank
The bow deck, under Glasgows grey skies
Looking down river from the deck
Cold, but excited scientists!