Packing, Plumbing and Planning

Final preparations are underway in labs across the country, as the expedition grows ever closer. On Sunday 13th May, the RRS James Cook will arrive in Glasgow, ready to be loaded with equipment, supplies and scientists.
At Heriot-Watt University where some of the scientists are based, the boxes are piled high. Once at sea, there is no back-up, no shops or online ordering - we have to make sure we have everything we need and more. Over the past few months we have also been preparing new homes for the animals we bring back from the reefs; large recirculating filtered tanks in temperature controlled rooms. These tanks are deisgned to replicate the conditions the animals live in on the reefs, but in the aquarium we can then slowly change the conditions and monitor how the animals cope. Final plumbing checks are being made to ensure everything is ready for our return.

Everyone has their fingers crossed for a change in the weather - toes too!