And so it begins.....

Today marks the start of the cruise for many of us, as we began to load up the ship in Glasgow. Although the day started off sunny, in typical British fashion the storm clouds opened, just in time for our arrival at the dockside.

The 90 m ship dominates the dockside at Govan, there are cranes moving equipment onto the aft deck at the same time as technicians welding the ROV stand (at least that's what I think it was!). We were all excited to see our home for the next month!
Aquarium tanks being transferred onto the ship

Computers are rapidly being assembled in the dry lab, while aquariums are getting set up in the hanger. With so much to do and so little time in dock, it had to be a carefully planned operation. Tomorrow morning will see a ministerial visit - MSP Stewart Stevenson will be visiting the ship in the morning, but that's only the start of a busy day for us all. More scientists will be arriving with their equipment, there will be a crew change at midday and most importantly, food for 54 people for a month will arrive. That's a lot of trolleys at Tescos!