VIPs, plus Scientists with drills

Today was a busy day on the ship, with scientists arriving, a crew change and visits from the Scottish Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson, Heriot-Watt University Principal Steve Chapman and a BBC News team.

The day started off sunny for our VIPs, who toured the ship and met some of the crew and scientists about to embark on the expedition.  Work didn't stop with so much to do; more boxes were loaded, chemicals were unpacked, and our Captain arrived, ready to take the helm. Despite the ship being massive, the process of unpacking in the labs and making sure everything is accessible yet secure is quite a challenge. Scientists with drills, bungee cords and pink twine were abundant in the labs, making sure that even if we hit gale force winds, everything would be stable (well maybe not the scientists!)

The windy conditions in Glasgow made some of the work uncomfortable, but that will be nothing compared to the challenges that await us in the North Atlantic. Tomorrow, 21 scientists will move onto the ship, ready for scientific discovery!

Photos courtesy of Douglas Macbride, HWU.